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Promotional Testing Preparation: The J. Harris Academy of Police Training offers specialized courses to assist officers in preparing for promotional testing, ensuring they have the confidence and competence to advance to higher ranks. These courses cover essential topics such as leadership, management, and tactical decision-making, tailored to meet the specific requirements of Pennsylvania's law enforcement agencies. With expert instructors and rigorous training materials, the academy helps officers excel in their exams and achieve their career goals. Access to study guides, flashcards, practice exams and videos can be done through our dedicated app or through the student portal on our website.

Professional Development Courses: Beyond promotional testing, the J. Harris Academy of Police Training provides a wide range of specialty and in-service professional development courses aimed at enhancing the overall proficiency of officers and the development of current and future leadership. By staying current with the latest trends and best practices in law enforcement, J. Harris Academy ensures that officers are well-equipped to handle the dynamic challenges of their profession. Agencies can host courses in their area or contract with our organization for customized training to fit their specific agency needs.  Some of our key courses include:

  • Command, Leadership & Supervision Courses
    • Command 1: Developing First Line Supervisors
    • Command 2: Developing "Next Level" Mid-Line Leadership
    • Road Sergeant "Tune-Up"
    • Internal Affairs Investigator Course
    • Developing a Supervisory Training Officer (STO) Program
    • Law Enforcement Budgets and Purchasing
    • Performance Evaluations: Investing In Our Future
  • Professional Development Courses
    • Critical Incident Response (EMT CEU eligible)
    • "Next Level" Report Writing: Moving Beyond the Basics
    • Caught on Camera: Viral Video Survival
    • Body Worn Camera: Tactics for Effective Use
    • Field Training Officer: Developing Excellence
  • Investigative Development Series
    • Narcotics Enforcement 101: Foundation of Successful Investigations
    • Narcotics Enforcement 201: "Next Level" Investigative Techniques
    • Homicide: First Responder Essentials


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