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Our AED | Patrol PC® RhinoTab® UltraRugged®, touch screen MDTs are purpose-built and optimized exclusively for use by First Responders – Police and Fire.  Designed for operator safety, comfort and efficiency, our user-friendly platforms support handheld and vehicle-based missions. Choose from our flagship M-3 loaded with even more mission-critical features or our new dockless and budget-friendly fixed mount solution, the F-6.
We offer a complete mobile ticketing solution consisting of our patented UltraRugged® Headrest Printer Mount System plus RhinoTab® MDT with Embedded Barcode Scanner. Our system is crash-tested and compatible with Brother RuggedJet Series 4 and PocketJet Series 7 and 8 printers. Patrol PC is a Brother Authorized Partner.
Made in the USA. Installed in thousands of agencies across the country. We are committed to your successful deployment and will work closely with you to ensure your satisfaction. Contact Jim Simone to learn more about our solutions at or (609) 464-4064

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